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The vast and diverse geographical landscape of India allows it to have such amazing wildlife. Mother Nature’s blessings have been bestowed upon India very generously. One can find many rare species of birds, plants, trees and animals in different parts of India. To conserve this precious natural wealth, plenty of National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries have been marked throughout India. For those adventurous and wild sprits that seek sanity in the heart of Nature finds India a great destination for having wildlife trips.

India has a total of 80 National Parks and 440+ Wildlife Sanctuaries. These National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries are home to over two thousand different species of resident and migrating birds. Over 3500 species of mammals and 30000 different kinds of incest can be found in India. This makes India a great place for entomology studies. The Flora of India includes over 15000 different species of plants and vegetation. The variety of fishes found in India varies up to 7500. One can find the Asiatic Elephant, Royal Bengal Tiger, Snow Leopard and Siberian Crane in India. The Gir Tiger Sanctuary in Gujarat is the only place outside African region where you can see the Lions. All this makes India a heaven for wildlife studies and research.

Number of Tigers in India

The official tiger census brought good news for the wildlife travellers. For the first time in a decade, the number of tigers in the country has increased. This has brought back lot of relief to the conservationists and even the tourism industry is expecting an optimistic upsurge in the interest of wildlife...


Arrived home on Saturday after a GREAT tour in India. Thank you for your hard work and fine planning. The guides and drivers were all wonderful. I would especially like to commend our driver Sunil from Delhi to Jaipur.

Clients Name : Scott Brodie
Year : Travelled India December, 2011

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