Nagarhole National Park

Leopard, Nagarhole National Park
Leopard, Nagarhole National Park

Spread over 644 km², the Nagarhole National Park in Karnataka is rich in terms of wildlife and vegetation. It comes under the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and covers the area in Mysore and Kodagu district. The small streams, hills, valleys and waterfalls around the park provide many picturesque views and sights. It was first established as a wildlife sanctuary in 1955 to conserve the wildlife of the area. In 1988, it was given the status of a National Park. In 1999, Nagarhole National Park was officially declared a Tiger Reserve under Project Tiger. The flora of Nagarhole National Park mainly includes moist deciduous forests while some areas are covered by dry deciduous forests. The main trees found in this area are rosewood, teak, sandalwood, silver oak, axlewood and cotton tree.

Tigers, Indian bison and elephants are in a high number inside the park. Leopard, wild dogs, jackals, grey mongoose, sloth bears, striped hyena, spotted deer, sambar, barking deer, four-horned antelopes and wild boar are the other species of animals found in Nagarhole. The park also maintains a healthy bird population with over 270 species of different birds. Few endangered bird species like the Oriental white-backed vultures and oriental white ibis also find sanctuary in this park. Nagarhole National Park offers an amazing experience for nature lovers, tourists and wildlife photographers. BOOK NOW

Travel Tips

Elephant, Nagarhole National Park
Elephant, Nagarhole National Park

It is ideal to arrive at the park before dusk, as the road leading to lodges closes at 6 pm. Those interested in trekking should avoid visiting the park during monsoons.


During summer (March-May) the temperature does not rise above 33°C. Winter lasts from November-January and temperature drops to 14°C.

How To Reach

You can take a flight from metro cities of India to Mysore or Bangalore, which are two nearest airports from Nagarhole. You can also reach Mysore and Bangalore by a train. Nagarhole is well connected by road with other parts of the state.
There are a number of lodges and rest houses in the vicinity of the park. The forest department runs two rest houses that can be booked in advance. You can stay at Kutta or along the Nagarhole main road.



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